Modoo Korean Restaurant

Our Menu

Small plates, big flavors
A1. Fried Dumplings

군만두 - Deep fried dumplings made with seasoned meat and vegetables

A2. Japchae

잡채 - Stir-fried glass noodles with beef and vegetables

A3. Chicken Wings 6 or 12pcs spicy
$9 / $16

치킨윙 - Deep fried chicken wings (Original, Spicy)

A4. Tteok-Bokki spicy

떡볶이 - Stir-fried rice cake with fishcake and vegetables in chili paste Add Cheese +$1, Add Ramen Noodles +$3

Flipping fantastic: our signature Korean pancakes
P1. Vegetable Pancake vegan

야채파전 - Pancake with green onions and vegetables

P2. Kimchi Pancake Vegan / spicy

김치파전 - Pancake with kimchi and vegatables

P3. Seafood Pancake

해물파전 - Pancake with mixed seafood and vegetables

Discover a new side of Korean cuisine

Feeling Cheesy?
Add $3 for cheese topping, Add $6 for cheese fried rice

M1. Makguksu spicy

쟁반막국수 - Spicy buckwheat noodles served with mixed vegetables

M2. Wang Jokbal

왕족발 - House special braised pork trotter

M3. Cold Pork Trotter Peanuts / spicy

냉채족발 - Braised pork trotter and vegetables served with spicy peanut mustard sauce

M4. Modoo Bossam

모두보쌈 - House special boiled pork belly

M5. Jjusami SPICY

쭈삼이 - Stir-fried seasoned webfoot octopus, pork belly and vegetables

M6. Youngyang Kalbi Jjim

영양갈비찜 - House special braised short ribs

M7. Spicy Kalbi Jjim spicy

매운갈비찜 - House special braised short ribs in spicy sauce

Discover a new side of Korean cuisine
F1. Pork Belly

삼겹살 구이 - Grilled pork belly

F2. Beef Bulgogi

불고기 - Marinated grilled beef

F3. Spicy Pork Bulgogi spicy

돼지불고기 - Marinated grilled spicy pork

F4. LA Kalbi

LA 갈비 - Marinated grilled beef short ribs

F5. Mackerel

고등어구이 - Grilled mackerel

F6. Spicy Stir-Fried Cuttlefish Spicy

오징어볶음 - Stir-fried seasoned cuttlefish and vegetables

Warm up with our flavorful bowls
S1. Bean Paste Stew

된장찌개 - Bean paste stew (Beef, Seafood)

S2. Soft Tofu Stew spicy

순두부찌개 - Soft tofu stew (Kimchi, Beef, Seafood, Mixed)

S3. Kimchi Stew spicy

김치찌개 - Kimchi stew with pork

S4. Yukgaejang spicy

육개장 - Spicy beef soup

S5. Seol-Long-Tang

설렁탕 - Ox bone soup with brisket

S6. Kalbi-Tang

갈비탕 - Beef short rib soup

S7. Gamja Hotpot spicy

감자전골 - Pork back-bone potato hotpot with potato and vegetable

S8. Army Hotpot spicy

부대전골 - Mixed meat hotpot with kimchi and vegetables

S9. Seafood Hotpot spicy

해물전골 - Seafood hotpot with vegetables

S10. Gopchang Hotpot spicy

곱창전골 - Beef intestine hotpot with vegetables

Taste the essence of Seoul

Soft Tofu Stew – Kimchi/ Beef/ Seafood/ Mixed
Bulgogi – Beef/ Spicy Pork

C1. Combo A - Soft Tofu Stew + 1/2 Grilled Mackerel

순두부 + 1/2 고등어

C2. Combo B - Soft Tofu Stew + Bulgogi

순두부 + 불고기

C3. Combo C - Soft Tofu Stew + LA Kalbi

순두부 + LA 갈비

C4. Combo D - Stone Pot Bibimbap + Bulgogi

돌솥비빔밥 + 불고기

C5. Combo E - Stone Pot Bibimbap + LA Kalbi

돌솥비빔밥 + LA 갈비

Please inform your server of any food allergies or dietary restrictions. 18% gratuity will be added for parties of five or more.
Experience the harmony of flavors in our bibimbap

Consuming raw or undercooked eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness

B1. Vegetable Bibimbap vegan

야채비빔밥 - Rice bowl topped with vegetables

B2. Stone Pot Bibimbap

돌솥비빔밥 - Rice stone pot topped with beef and vegetables

B3. Tofu Stone Pot Bibimbap vegan

두부돌솥 - Rice stone pot Bibimbap topped with tofu and vegetables

B4. Kimchi Stone Pot Bibimbap spicy

김치돌솥 - Rice stone pot Bibimbap topped with kimchi and vegetables

B5. Seafood Stone Pot Bibimbap spicy

해물돌솥 - Rice stone pot Bibimbap topped with seafood and vegetables

Perfect Pairings for Every Palate
Soft Drink

음료수 - Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Fanta, Milkis


쥬스 - Apple, Orange, Mango


맥주 - Terra (500ml), Cass (640ml)

Soju (375ml)

소주 - Chamisul (Original, Fresh) Flavored (Green Grape, Grapefruit)

Makgeolli (750ml)

막걸리(국순당) - Traditional Korean rice wine made from fermented rice (Original, Peach, White Grape)

Bokbunja (375ml)

복분자(보해) - Korean fruit wine made from wild cultivated black raspberry

Baekseju (375ml)

백세주(국순당) - “The 100 years wine” made from fermented rice and herbs