Modoo Korean Restaurant

Franchise Opportunities

Modoo Korean Restaurant
Franchise Opportunities

The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. You may be new to business, but you have strengths: an entrepreneurial spirit, an enthusiasm for work, and a desire to walk into your business, look around, and tell yourself with pride, “I built this. This is mine.”

Solid return
on your investment

Investors have an opportunity with Modoo. We offer you the ability to earn a solid return on your investment.

Modoo is growing. In 2017, we established Modoo and it took off with flying colors. Despite the COVID-19 situation we have increased our sales and revenue. As the brand’s footprint continues to grow, the industry is taking notice. Modoo is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after Korean Food in Washington with plenty of room for growth. The franchise has a range of available territories all across the country, many of which are primed to support multiple units. Today, Modoo are trying to expand and open more restaurants respectively.


We are a busy, fast paced Korean Restaurant looking to add some members to our team. We work together in a fun energetic environment where all staff is capable of working all positions.

What People Are Saying

Modoo Korean Restaurant

Excellent service and food. The restaurant was quite busy and we waited about 20-30 minutes to dine in. The pork belly and squid pan-fry was so yummy but a little too spicy for me. The mud fish soup was great. It had bean paste and pickled veggies, very well balanced taste.
Christy T.
An we waited an hour for the seats, but it was worth the wait. They had the last call an hour early and we were the 2nd last in the waiting list. Service was excellent, especially maintaining the soup and distributing the Udon. Very friendly staff.
Travis C.
Best Korean food I have tried in the great Seattle area. Recommended by a foodie friend, and my Korean manager! She said this is the only one worth eating in Lynwood! Service was awesome! Food was amazing!
My top three Soondooboo in Seattle Area! The staff was friendly and polite. They offer hot tea without extra charges which is really great. Soondooboo, the beef ribs soup, and side dishes were great. We’ll definitely come back whenever traveling nearby.
Wanyu J.